Web & Application Development Engineer

What exactly can I expect from the Web & Application Development Engineer Program?
Florida Vocational Institute’s Web & Application Development Program is designed for someone with no programming experience to learn how to develop websites and web applications in less than 10 months. The course is designed to teach students how to develop websites and prepare them for a career as a front end or full stack web developer. You can expect to learn the basic foundations of web development and algorithmic thinking using the latest tools and frameworks that companies in our area are hiring for today. Our instructors take a hands-on approach and work closely with you to ensure that you gain the necessary skills to succeed. Our students will learn how to work in teams using git-based workflows that are commonly employed in software companies. The program involves instruction in popular frameworks such as KnockoutJS, ExpressJS, and Laravel, as well as best practice methodologies such as the Scrum implementation of Agile Development. Each major step of the program will include a project where you put your learning into action and enrich your personal portfolio.

As part of the Web & Application Development Engineer Program, you will learn the following:
• Front end web development with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and modern JavaScript frameworks.
• AJAX programming and best practices to manage the request-response model within the context of the web browser
• How to effectively use CSS media queries to create fully responsive, mobile-friendly websites
• Front end programming in plain JavaScript and jQuery, as well as advanced JavaScript design patterns under MV* frameworks
• How to optimize web pages and employ popular optimization workflows such as Gulp and Apache’s mod_pagespeed for blazing fast page load times

What kind of job can I get as a graduate?
The Web & Application Development Program at FVI will prepare graduates to develop practical skills and knowledge needed for entry-level career opportunities in areas involving software design and development, systems analysis, programming, process design and management, and other areas related to computer software production and deployment. The fast growth in web applications and mobile development, combined with the increasing use of software, continues to create strong demand for software developers. The career services team at FVI will work with you to provide internships during training and upon graduation assist you in finding a great career as a web or application developer. FVI maintains strong working relationships with top companies in the area so we can match your passion and ability to career opportunities.

Will I obtain any certifications?
Upon graduation from the Web & Application Development Engineer Program, students will receive a diploma. Additionally, students will have a portfolio of work showcasing their abilities in order to aid them in finding full time jobs or freelance web development contracts.